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Continuity of Food Services

Huron School District is providing meals (breakfast and lunch) to ALL students in the District, 18 years of age and under, free of charge and regardless of Free & Reduced Meal Status. We will also be providing FREE meals to students in our special education community up to age 26. For information about food pickup please visit Other food pickup sites can be found at


Welcome to Huron School District's Food Service Department Site. Below you'll find a list of useful link and information regarding food service in the district.

Free and Reduced Meal Application and Instructions

Please note that this form is only good for the current school year. Applications for free and reduced lunch not using the correct form will not be accepted. New applications are made available every July.

Welcome Back!

Hello Parents! We had a great year in food service. Our students perceived our new menu items very well. We are looking forward to making some more changes to the menu for the upcoming school year! We will be featuring Discovery Kitchen events each month at your child’s school. During these events, we will be doing taste tests and an activity to highlight the fruit or vegetable focus of the month. We will also be giving out a few prizes during these events! So please keep a look out on the menu for these dates!

Our menus are available at On this website, you can also filter by allergies if that is a concern of yours. For example, if your student has an egg allergy, you can choose “egg” under allergies and it will cross out every menu item that has egg in the ingredients. If your family received benefits for free and reduced breakfast and lunch, you will fall into a grace period in the beginning of the school year to allow time for you to fill out a new application. You are required to fill out a new application for each school year. You can view instructions on filling out an application and download a printable version by clicking one of the links located here: Horizon Application Links. Please make sure you make that a priority.

We realize that it is possible for your child to forget his or her lunch money on occasion. The district’s policy, should this event occur, is to provide a meal to your student and apply a charge to his/her meal account. However, as negative charges are a financial burden to the district, we may restrict your student’s account or offer an alternative meal should the balance become largely negative. The full meal charging policy can be found here: Meal Charging Policy.

We launched last school year. This is a great tool to use to monitor your student’s meal account. You can add funds, view transaction history, set restrictions to their account, set up automatic payments and set up text alerts. If you do not already have an account, I highly recommend registering for one today.

Breakfast is becoming more popular as we are transitioning to a homemade approach. If you are running out of time in the morning, feel comfort in knowing that we offer your children a home cooked breakfast! We also offer fresh smoothies at the High School. Families that qualify for free or reduced lunch, also qualify for free or reduced breakfast!

We look forward to continue serving your children in the upcoming school year! Should you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me by phone or email at any time!

Meal Charging Policy

The Huron School District Food Services Department has an established meal charge policy in place for all students. The purpose of having a meal charging policy enables our schools to establish consistent and clear food service account procedures throughout the district. It allows the district to maintain fiscal integrity and solvency of the food service department while providing meal options that meet the nutritional needs of our students. We understand that although efforts to keep a child’s food service account in a positive standing are there, we understand that there are times where parents may forget or other unforeseen circumstances can occur. Meal charging shall be used as a temporary solution only and do not address a parent/guardian’s inability to pay. In those instances, an application for free or reduced meal benefits should be completed and turned in to the food service office. A la carte purchasing will be suspended for those accounts in the negative.  Parents with students who have a negative balance will receive an email weekly regarding the balance. Depending on the circumstances, parents may receive phone calls regarding the negative account balance. In the event of a lack of communication with the parent, building administration will be notified in an effort to help us reach you. 
We will never make a child dispose of a meal due to a negative balance.  We will never speak to a child regarding a negative balance unless they ask, and we will never do so in a public way.  We understand the balance is the responsibility of the parent and not the child.

The Food Service Department has set goals to ensure the success of the program and they are as follows:
  • To provide our students with a healthy, flavorful meal.
  • To treat all students with dignity and confidentiality in the serving line.
  • To ensure that no child goes hungry.
  • To foster open and clear communication with staff, students and parent/guardians.
  • To maintain the charge policy consistently throughout the district regarding meal charges.

Medical Statement To Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations

The following form is required by the USDA to be filled out if your child has any dietary restrictions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact food service department.

Medical Dietary form

Huron School district's Wellness Policy

Huron school district's wellness policy can be found here: HSD wellness policy PDF document

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

The USDA's Nondiscrimination Statement can found on their website at the following link.

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